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Episode 820: How scary are the latest Amazon fee and shipping changes? What’s the good and bad news?

How scary are the latest Amazon fee and shipping changes? What's the good and bad news?

A panel of leaders from our team got together to tackle these questions recently and we recorded the conversation. ALL Amazon resellers, bundle sellers and anyone who is considering selling on Amazon will benefit from hearing this discussion.


A couple times per year for the past 20+ years we’ve seen both minor and major updates and changes come into play for sellers on Amazon, eBay etc.

Amazon has changed policy and fee structures recently so we dive into the details.

Right now there’s a lot of discussion about the latest fee and shipping changes on Amazon for example. How concerned are serious sellers? How big of an impact will these changes have?

Topics covered among others:

Has the opportunity on Amazon changed? Is it harder now? If so, how much?

Are changes necessary in light of these changes?

How are these changes BENEFITING especially newer sellers?

What’s the bottom line impact we are predicting as far as total impact sellers will see?

What solutions have already floated to address these changes?

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