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Episode 819: As a new Amazon seller, what am I approved to sell?

As a new Amazon seller, what am I approved to sell?

Today’s all new episode tackles common questions and challenges faced by newcomers to selling on Amazon, specifically around restrictions and approved categories. It begins by addressing the concerns of many new sellers who find themselves confused by the limitations placed on what they can sell, noting that initial approval typically includes categories like Home and Kitchen, Arts and Crafts, Office Products, and Pet Supplies (excluding pet food).

Even with all the initial restrictions that Amazon has though, there are a significant number of available ASINs (products) in these approved categories that total over 50,000 products—that meet specific criteria such as having some past or current FBA offers, being non-hazmat, having no Amazon sales in the past 30 days and experiencing at least 30 or so sales rank drops in the past month.

Further, the episode provides strategic advice on how to expand your list of potential ASINs by selecting trustworthy sources.

Special guest at the conclusion of today’s show, Jeff Schick of answers the question: “If I get some ‘free stuff’ from a supplier or elsewhere, can I sell it safely on Amazon?”

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