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Episode 790: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible. We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode.

Jim shares how the team has coached over 10,000 students and there are so many success stories pinned at the top of the My Silent Team Facebook page! Jim discusses how we start practically all new sellers with the Replens Model – which basically means we are filling the underserved shelf space at Amazon. Jim likes to use the phrases “test worthy listings” or sell at break even (worst case scenario). Jim has posted MANY examples.

A guest shares how she is building her business but is discouraged with her profits so she asks Jim how she can improve her numbers. Picking losers is a great way to pick winners!” – it’s a learning process! Robin Joy discusses the Kick Start Bootcamp, which is 4 group coaching sessions for sellers who have purchased The Proven Amazon Course (PAC) to help them get up and running The listener asks Jim if the “new selection recommendation list” (a list of ASINs that Amazon provides) is a good idea to use? Jim explains how there are “good ways” and “bad ways” to use these lists as well as leads lists/buy lists.

The guest has questions about shipments going to multiple fulfillment centers (FC), which Coach Robin Joy answers. Jim also answers the guest’s questions about hiring a VA, Jim recommends listening to Podcast #714 for a more thorough discussion!: “Very practical lesson learned after working with numerous overseas virtual assistants who help run my business.”

Jim, head of Coaching Matt Thompson and Coach Jim is so excited about 2024 and shares several new and upcoming things that everyone can look forward to! Matt Thompson and Robin Joy discuss the pros and cons of The 100 ASIN challenge vs coaching in response to a guest’s question

The guest asks Jim about an issue he is having when he sends his inventory into FBA. He mentions how the “fear points” that sellers have are often new opportunities to learn from! Coach Matt shares the following mantra when working with replens: “Some will, most won’t, next…”

Jim answers a listener’s question, “I’m new, what do I do here?” Watch the following modules in the PAC: 1) Amazon 2) The Replens Course 3) Advanced Keepa training. Jim explains what the Replens model is and that the Kick Start program can be joined at any point once the PAC is purchased!

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