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Episode 789: Are you getting your share of the highest margin sales on Amazon? Let’s talk about “above buy box” strategies

Are you getting your share of the highest margin sales on Amazon? Let's talk about "above buy box" strategies

For a few years now we’ve had a strategy we’ve loved sharing with our and coaching students that interestingly seems to be more easily grasped by our students who have LESS Amazon selling experience.

Experienced sellers seem to struggle with this “above the buy box” concept because it’s so simple that it goes over their heads quite often as they attempt to over complicate it!

A bit of background:

Did you know that every day on Amazon millions of shoppers are NOT looking for the lowest price on any given product, but they are looking for the FASTEST DELIVERY! Once you understand that Amazon has nearly 200 warehouses around the U.S. it starts to make sense that there’s no way these various warehouses can meet the speed demands of the millions of shoppers without help.

Understanding these factors means there’s a simple, massive opportunity right under your nose that you’re almost certainly ignoring unless you’ve heard our “above the buy box” strategy explained. Today’s episode breaks it down for you!

At the end of this episode you’ll hear from someone who has been in ecommerce 26 years who has an incredible business model that I’m eager to share with you – you can also come meet our guest “Brandon” in Orlando at the upcoming event in May! Stay tuned until the end of the show for our short discussion.


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