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Episode 786: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

In today’s weekend episode we have highlights of a prior show. In this segment we discuss both our Amazon Influencer training and our Branded Bundles training. We also include the benefits of attending our annual live event.

We covered episode #731 – While recovering 18 months from back surgery, she built incredible Amazon income streams. The full episode can be heard at

Jim tells listeners how they can get a free copy of his updated book – Silent Sales Machine by texting the word “free” to 507-800-0090 or visiting

The guest discusses how she started her Amazon business with a Private label branded bundle item. It’s important to note that it’s NOT recommended that new sellers start with PL. Both Jim’s free podcast, as well as The Proven Amazon Course (PAC), are great places for newer sellers to start.

The guest discusses her background and how she got into e-commerce to begin with and then how Covid, followed by a big back surgery, launched her into being a business building warrior through the many challenges she faced. The guest shares about her mastermind group and how they work together, collaborate, help and encourage each other. Jim discusses the course and the course.

The guest is utilizing both of these models as streams of income Jim and the guest discuss the Amazon Influencer Program in more detail using Amazon’s platform Jim and the guest discuss the upcoming Proven conference – May 23-25, 2024. More information can be found at:

The guest highlights benefits from attending a past conference – building relationships, learning content and identifying areas she wants to learn more about. Jim discusses “right ideas” vs “good ideas.” The guest also discusses the combination of being a brand owner as well as a an influencer, at which point Jim has a lightbulb moment how these two courses complement each other.

Jim asks the guest to share why she feels The Proven Conference stands above other conferences:

1) it digs deep on content in a way you can move your business forward (as opposed to superficial teaching)

2) some changes are needed with the timing of the VIP program and

3) some suggestions for an “inspiration track!” The guest really encourages new sellers to join a mastermind and Jim emphasizes turning our focus outward to help others! On the Facebook page, there are directions in one of the top videos on how to find others who live close to you!


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Learn how uploading simple videos to Amazon can put cash in the bank - our guest today is doing about $100 per day in pure profit with this! 
Many of our top students use these exact strategies to sell multiple six figures monthly on Amazon by simply placing name brand items in unique bundles

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