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Episode 785: After making a series of classic mistakes, this Amazon seller has a thriving business

After making a series of classic mistakes, this Amazon seller has a thriving business

Today’s guest is a student and coaching client who has made just about every mistake you can make on his way to building a successful Amazon business!

He’s failed at drop shipping, sourcing from Alibaba, paying for “done for you”, trying to do an MLM with Amazon etc. all while working a full time job.

So many CLASSIC red flags… but now he’s seeing stability and growth and he’s loving the process!

If you’d like to hear what NOT TO DO as well as WHAT WORKS on Amazon, this is a great episode for you!

He’s also using the “sell above buy box” Amazon strategy that has been coming up a LOT in our community lately!

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Selling Above Buy Box strategy - this is a link to a Facebook post with over 70 examples of great ASINs selling above buy box for our host Jim Cockrum’s Amazon seller account.

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Jonathan Beckloff
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