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Episode 755: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In this highlights episode, you’ll hear how the guest juggles business with homeschool, her focus tips and her view on why she does what she does to keep herself going. These highlights will encourage anyone currently building or considering an Amazon business especially when it gets hard!

We covered episode #622 – From full-time pharmacist to Amazon business building homeschooling mom. You can listen to the full episode at

Notes from the podcast team:

The guest shares how she got started in ecommerce and discusses some transferable (to business) lessons she learned while working as a pharmacist: 1) how to work under pressure 2) how to be resilient 3) how to be flexible 4) how leadership grows

The guest found Podcast Episode #307 to be her sign from God that she should move forward with Amazon! She describes finding The Proven Amazon Course (PAC), The My Silent Team Facebook page, Jim’s podcasts and Jimmy Smith’s Replens training. She also discusses her very positive coaching experience – Jim shares that all the coaches have a booming Amazon business themselves as well as having teacher hearts to help new students learn!

The guest shares transparently how many times she contemplated quitting and while she took a brief respite, she was back up and running again soon! She shares very openly how she made poor buying decisions in the beginning until she got better at reading Keepa. She also reiterated Jim’s stance that connections and relationships are the building blocks of business!

Hibah discusses some big steps she took to grow her business: attended an in person mastermind get together that had the purpose of sourcing together, started using a prep center and hired a VA! 

Jim and the guest discuss how much time she is spending on her business per week, which has decreased significantly now that she’s using a prep center and a VA! Jim also discusses how different sellers grow their businesses at different rates and that is OK!

Hibah offers some last minute advice and tips for new sellers:

Go to the live convention –

Remember your “why” – when times are tough and you think about quitting, remember WHY you are doing this! (which always comes back to – who are you serving?)

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