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Episode 754: Fully automated OA REPLENS business doing multiple seven figures

Fully automated OA REPLENS business doing multiple seven figures

Today’s guest is Khang – he’s a multiple seven figure seller success story from our community who recently returned from a two week family vacation – and he didn’t even check his Amazon seller stats while he was gone!

He’s seeing record breaking sales and growth in his Amazon REPLENS business and he tells you EXACTLY how he does it on today’s episode. He’s in his third year and the growth has been incredible year after year.

New sellers will be inspired by this new system that is WIDE OPEN to them, and seasoned sellers will be challenged and encouraged as well!

On a personal note, our guest Khang suddenly lost a child just a few months ago as of this recording and we appreciated the transparency, tenacity, gratitude and warriors heart of this father who drew closer to God in the face of tragedy as he shares the details of his family’s journey.

He’s a student who has built a very healthy business that runs with two workers and a small VA team. The real beauty of “the system” is the software he’s using that automates every aspect of the entire system.

You’ll want to get notification when this “system” (the software we’ve been excitedly testing among many coaches and leaders on our team) is made available publicly.

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The notification list link for Khang’s system launch
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Khang Dang
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