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Episode 751: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team goes live on Zoom with whoever can join us to answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible.

Highlights put together by the podcast team :

Jim reminds all new sellers that they should start with The Proven Amazon Course (PAC). He also discusses the “Getting Started” module and recommends the Kick Start Bootcamp 

Jim discusses why now is the best time to start selling physical products online and how market saturation is not a concern! E-commerce is the way of the future! Robin Joy discusses how the Kick Start Bootcamp is an incredible opportunity! She also discusses the Path to 100 ASINs course – go to to fill out the survey and be notified of upcoming courses in 2024 

Robin Joy outlines the basic financial needs to start your business: a professional selling account, Keepa account and some money for inventory. With the Replens model, the goal is to put money in the bank as you learn! Jim summarizes the model – low-low-high: low risk, low investment, high chance of success 

Jim talks about finding test worthy ASINs (underserved listings) vs profitable products! He recommends new sellers listen to podcast episode #554, which further explains this strategy! 

Jim records a “mini live podcast” during this Monday Facebook live. Key points include:

-Foundational method is the Replens model – finding test worthy ASINs

-Why right now is the best time to embark on an e-commerce business? (only 15-17% retail economic activity is online!)

-Jim also discusses inflation and how that plays into this business!

-We live in a time where there is such incredible disparity in the value of the US dollar!

A listener asks Jim about putting expenses on a credit card (Seller account, Keepa, inventory, etc). Jim talks about what’s needed financially to build a slow, steady and solid business. He recommends a book from one of our own community members – From Homeless to Homeowner by Carolyn McFall

A seasoned eBay seller shares how he is utilizing his selling background to help get up and running on Amazon. The guest also inquires of Jim if he should sell the same products FBA as well as FBM! Jim also gives a couple tips about selling FBM during Q4!

Jim recommends Amazon University for new sellers and/or the Kick Start boot camp, which the guest inquires as to how far he needs to be into The PAC to do the boot camp! 

The guest asks about cashback websites such as Rakuten, as well as discounted gift cards, and wonders how to factor those into the profitability of products? for more info on how to utilize gift cards. The guest asks Jim if he feels FBA or FBM is experiencing more growth! 

Show note LINKS:

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