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Episode 694: Starting with $300 and sold his Amazon wholesale business for a beautiful payout Part 1 of 2

Starting with $300 and sold his Amazon wholesale business for a beautiful payout Part 1 of 2


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I hope you realize how incredibly valuable your Amazon selling skills are in the real world! There are some amazing doors of opportunity that open up to you once you understand the basics of selling on Amazon.

Today’s podcast interview with another success story is proof of just that.

Paul started out where so many of our successful students start – skeptical and willing to only risk a few hundred dollars. Over time though as his story unfolded and he began to succeed as a coaching student, there were new challenges to face on his way to ultimately building a beautiful wholesale business on Amazon and selling his company eventually for a great payout.

He’s also being paid quite well now helping a big brand navigate their Amazon strategy.

He’s transparent in his struggles both with personal issues including alcohol as well as the business ups and downs and he openly shares that his business relationships were a source of strength as he fought his hardest battles.

He’s truly thriving now and the future is bright!

Today’s episode is a story of triumph that will encourage Amazon sellers of all success levels – even those who are brand new.

This episode is part one of a two part story.

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Guest: Paul Saucier

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