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Episode 693: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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Our recap of episode 609: After 20 years of ecommerce experiments, she’s really into Amazon REPLENS and doing great! Listen to the whole episode here

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Jim asks the guest to compare and contrast the different online methods she has used for selling! He also reminds listeners that there is a FREE Facebook group called: Amazon FBA and Online Sellers : MySilentTeam, which has a feature that allows sellers to find other sellers who live close to them for networking and mastermind formation purposes! 

Jim mentions several things that are helpful for new sellers: the Kick Start boot camp, Podcast 369 for lots of Keepa information, for learning online arbitrage (also part of the PAC) and the new bot strategy

Jim and the guest talk through the different tools she is currently using with her business. Episode Podcast 554 discusses an important pricing strategy that ignores the buy box. Jim also talks about how to know when you are ready for a repricer and reminds the listeners how much opportunity there is with selling on underserved ASINs!  The guest asks Jim how to go about scaling her business?

Jim reminds sellers that “slow and steady wins the race” as you search to find profitable ASINs. This will lead to building a business (an asset) that could be sold at some point if needed. 

Jim also explains the Proven brand building course, which is part of The Proven Amazon Course.  The guest shares some “rapid fire tips” for the listeners – get an accountability partner and also play around with different ways to search for ASINs. Jim reminds new sellers about the Kick Start Boot camp which is a great opportunity for new sellers to work with coaches to get their business up and running!

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