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Episode 659: Conference topics our most successful Amazon coaches and students are excited about

Conference topics our most successful Amazon coaches and students are excited about

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Once per week or so I love to go live on Zoom in the Facebook group with whoever can join me and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible.

Recently, we recorded one of these sessions and captured it for you. The questions we discussed are all about getting started and a free video Jim recommends, using the Replens business model, a great resource for booksellers, how to deal with IP issues and more. Great help and resources for all skill levels of sellers – enjoy!

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The guest asks Jim about selling “one offs” – Jim recommends new sellers watch this: when getting started and suggests avoiding “treasure hunting” and “one offs” for building a sustainable Amazon business 

The guest asks Jim the best way to keep track of information for taxes. Jim offers some simple recommendations for new sellers! Jim also issues a warning against new sellers starting with the Private Label model! 

The guest started selling books and asks Jim about the process of finding Replens! Jim talks about “intense focused effort” and many different strategies that can be used! Then Jim mentions an additional resource for booksellers! 

The guest asks Jim about the possibility of 2 people in the same household having Amazon selling accounts and if this is going to cause an issue with Amazon! The guest also talks with Jim about her daughter self-publishing a PL book and Jim shares his knowledge regarding publishing books! He emphasizes that the community surrounding a book is the greatest asset rather than the book itself! 

Jim talks about the upcoming Proven Amazon Conference and mentions how he wants attendees to use a 2 word phrase frequently with others, “How’s business?” Jim also discusses introverts and business and what a great combination this is!

“Annie, your other question about ugly websites that are giving deals too good to be true…” Jim talks about how to determine if a website is legitimate or “fishy” and now to use caution when sourcing so you can defend a complaint, if received

The guest gives an update on his new business and Jim asks a question that he often asks, “What is the next step for your business?” Jim mentions Dave Ramsey’s book, Entreleadership and how it’s important to hire a “revenue generating help” and not just “convenient help!” Jim also mentions the importance of relationships in business!

The guest asks Jim about deleting listings while waiting to replenish inventory and asks if this affects the IPI score? Jim also reminds new sellers that they can use the search feature at the top of the My Silent Team FB page to search for topics – such as IPI!

Jim discusses “test worthy ASINs” and encourages a new seller in how the process works! Jim really encourages new sellers too to listen to as many podcasts as possible to really learn the Replens model! 

The guest asks Jim if it is possible for her to be successful with selling on Amazon as a stay at home mom?! Jim encourages her that this is more than possible! 

The guest discusses the challenges of being an international seller on the platform. He also asks Jim about wholesalers and how to utilize them. Jim also puts a plug in here for the new bot sourcing program that is being launched that will be helpful for sourcing!!

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