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Episode 594: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lesson

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lesson

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Podcast 579 – From Doing Construction with zero Ecommerce experience to Amazon 

Guests Brandon and Shane 

Links and Resources mentioned on today’s show: – – the service we use to help interpret all of the selling data. Keepa is discussed in depth on episode 369 – Need a hand in prepping inventory? We have a list of all known Amazon seller prep centers worldwide. If you know of a prep center that’s not listed, please let us know!

Our recommended legal advisor – Jeff Schick’s website

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This on is on our YouTube channel here:

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Summary highlights:

Brandon discusses the start of their Amazon business with the help of Rich Potter, who is the author and creator content for the module inside PAC. Brandon and Shane started searching for Replens via retail arbitrage, then online arbitrage and then quickly moved into wholesale sourcing. They also discuss use of a tool that Rich really likes – Smart Scout

Shane further discusses the beginning of their business and how it grew! The guests also discuss their numbers and Jim encourages them that they are on a good trajectory!

Guests and Jim discuss making adjustments during the 1st year of business to find even more profitable products. Keepa (Episode #369) and RevSeller are mentioned as tools that are helpful.

Guests discuss listing grocery replens on current ASINs (as opposed to creating new listings) and Jim suggests moving into proven bundle branding as a potential next step.

Guests and Jim discuss Smart Scout and wholesale sourcing opportunities. (approx 4 mins)

Guests and Jim discuss some bumps they’ve run into including suppressed buy boxes and “just in time” inventory planning.

Jim recommends Replen Dashboard as a good program to use to help with inventory planning and management.

Guests and Jim discuss ungating in regards to specific wholesale accounts and brands.

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