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Episode 428: With 2022 upon us, what is the state of Amazon seller opportunities?

With 2022 upon us, what is the state of Amazon seller opportunities?

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What does the future hold for Amazon Replens sellers? This is an opportunity that is producing such an incredible stream of success stories, but where is it heading in 2022? Is it saturated or expanding? Are profitable replens easier to find or harder? Is the opportunity fading or growing? Is Amazon getting harder to work with?

Last month we hosted a virtual event aimed at helping our Ecommerce seller community prepare for the changes, challenges and opportunities that we see coming at us in 2022. One of the fantastic presentations was by our resident Replens expert (the guy who crafted the Replens training found in the course), Jimmy Smith. His presentation was on the state of the replens opportunity.   He did such a great job that we decided to make use the audio as a podcast episode. He addresses all the above questions and some new strategies with a great overview of how simple and powerful (and low risk) this model truly is. 

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