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Episode 429: Teen earns over $60 per hour net profit using Amazon replens model

Teen earns over $60 per hour net profit using Amazon replens model

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Imagine turning $300 into $75,000 in sales as a tennager without any other workers helping him – he’s a one man show. Today I interview a young man who previously tried several online business strategies that just didn’t work out as scalable and steady enough for him to be pleased with his results. He tried dropshipping, shopify & eBay. Eventually he discovered this podcast and our free facebook community – he explains how he knew we were different when he started seeing all the success stories from all over the world in our group. He jumped into the Amazon Replens strategy that we teach as a module in the course. Although he only had $300 to use to start his business, he achieved incredible results quickly – selling $75,000 in a little over a year reporting $26,000 in net profit. We calculated his hourly net income to be about $60 per hour. Incredibly, he did all this as a teen still in school with only part-time hours available to him to work his business. To date he’s found 550 profitable replens that he sells. He openly discusses how he can easily find more great replens anytime he’d like. On his best single day for example, he found 150 easily sourced replen products – and 80% of them are profitable! He says he can find 10-30 new replens per hour anytime he’d like thanks to our training system. You’ll be motivated and inspired by this guy – I sure was! He lives in Canada and sells in both the US and Canada on Amazon.

Today’s guest Daniel Ezerzer from Canada


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