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Episode 355: $80-$100K sales per month working 2 hours per day in the UK

$80-$100K sales per month working 2 hours per day in the UK

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Today’s guest lives in London and has never touched the inventory he sells on his US based account. He will soon be leaving his full-time job in order to focus on his Amazon FBA Replens business. He shares how he finds his profitable inventory, what tools he uses and his strategy for hitting $1million in total sales in 2021 without ever touching or packing a box (that’s right, he’s literally NEVER touched his inventory!) His ROI is 60% currently, and he says he can find and add new profitable products anytime he wants to! The Replens module of the course was his guide to success, and today our guest Stephen Alsobrook pulls back the curtains on his Amazon FBA business.

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Look for Episode #218 which is Oscar’s first appearance on the show and Episode #301 which is Oscar’s update. Both inspired Stephen to reach his goals! – our July 2021 event in Tampa Florida – need a hand in prepping inventory? We have a list of our recommended prep centers. WORLDWIDE!

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