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Episode 354: Expecting to sell $1MM in 2021 as one man show w full time job

Expecting to sell $1MM in 2021 as one man show w full time job

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Today we meet a student who is expecting to do $1MM in sales in 2021. As we were recording this interview he passed $300K in total sales for the past 12 months at 40% net margin. English is his second language (he’s from Palestine). He’s married & works FULL TIME 9-5 with a young baby just added to the family! And get this – he does ALL THE WORK himself in his amazon business!

Our guest today is a fired up advocate for, and student of the REPLENS strategy from the course (he has about 150 replens at this point). He also has some incredible strategies he shares on how he finds unique replens for his Amazon biz (strategies we’d never heard before!!)

Today’s guest: Mohammed Manasrah

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