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Episode 356: Selling nearly $150K per month into Amazon US From Europe

Selling nearly $150K per month into Amazon US From Europe

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You don’t have to live in the US to sell on! You also don’t have to see or touch your inventory! Today’s guest is Jozef Biz. He’s from Slovakia and he sells nearly $150K per month on Amazon. His net each month (after paying his team and all expenses) is about $25-$30K. He has about 100 different product listings on Amazon and his business is really growing. You’ll hear about some of the challenges he’s faced and overcome, how he finds new inventory with his team (and how he gives his team incentive to find new inventory) as well as some tips on having a proper mindset without being discouraged when you see everyone else succeeding, but you aren’t yet! Today’s guest – Jozef Biz from Slovakia

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