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Episode 261: The lowest risk, fastest track to success on Amazon

The lowest risk, fastest track to success on Amazon

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Are you ignoring the lowest hanging fruit strategies for short term and long term success on Amazon and online in general? In this episode I share some clues to look for that help you know that you might be listening to some of the wrong voices when it comes to finding success online. We have 1000s of success stories to back up our approach, and we have a far higher success rate than those teaching outdated strategies. Today I’ll explain the difference between going “EAST” on your journey into Amazon success and going “WEST”. Also discussed – our “mattress” opportunity and an update on our concept. 


The Facebook post that prompted today’s episode: : The service we are offering to help you sell your products to our massive buyer list


Recent webinar Brett and I did with updates on ProvenPromoList and our Mattress opportunities:


The upcoming mattress live event/webinar details:


Past episodes of this podcast about PPI: 2,16,31,32,40 – the ONLY course you’ll ever need to stay on the cutting edge of Amazon selling (free lifetime updates and new modules) – can we come to your hometown and teach you to find dozens of profitable items daily without scanning any barcodes?


Our Free 55K member facebook group: : Our July 2020 event in Florida – the $5 book that started it all

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