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Episode 262: From zero to #4 best selling grocery item on Amazon

From zero to #4 best selling grocery item on Amazon

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Imagine living behind your mom’s garage at the age of thirty and trying to save a struggling business. Imagine a few short years later you have the #4 best selling grocery product (among millions) on and your product is in 10,000 retail stores. That’s Mike’s story – you’ll love this episode. Be sure to join Mike, his team from Death Wish Coffee and hundreds of your fellow listeners to this podcast in Boca Raton Florida in July 2020 at event!



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The first time Mike was on our show was episode #9 of this podcast. Go back and listen to it for the incredible back story to Mike’s journey. – the book Mike referenced and thanked when asked what he credits for helping him build his business : Today’s guest Mike Brown is going to be joining us in the soon to launch mastermind along with my partner Brett, my son Trey and the director of our coaching program, Nathan Bailey! : Our July 2020 event in Florida. Mike will be there with his team! Join us!

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