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Episode 164: Fighting PTSD and building an Amazon business with his wife

Fighting PTSD and building an Amazon business with his wife

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While fighting PTSD and chasing dead end jobs Justin along with his wife Amy have built a business on Amazon. This isn’t a flashy big dollar story – it’s a real story of a young married couple determined to make it work. Justin’s determination and mindset convinced us that he’s going to great places! After a record setting Q4 (the final three months of the year aka fourth quarter), he posted in our Facebook group about how excited he was to see his business taking off!  We are so glad he agreed to be on the show! In this episode Justin also shares great tips on sourcing profitable products to flip on Amazon. All show notes are at  – Guest Justin Lanaro – the inexpensive “ light” course that has the content that Justin and Amy used.


Keepa “The tool that helps you make great buying decisions without relying only on sales rank”


Tactical Arbitrage “A tool to help you find great inventory online instead of relying only on traditional retail”

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