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Episode 858: Get better at shopping for Amazon inventory

Get better at shopping for Amazon inventory

How are your shopping skills when it comes to building your Amazon business? On today’s all new podcast episode we cover a core skill that we could all benefit from improving – SHOPPING!


How to avoid products that tank in price

Improving your shopping competencies

Defining your spending goals

Making sure your products are truly matching the ASIN you’re selling against.

This episode is part 2 of a 7 part series on the core competencies of being a REPLENS seller as taught in the course.

If you’re new around here, our podcast features 100s of success stories with our students, but today we cover instructional content for those building their Amazon REPLENS business.

Special guest at the conclusion of today’s show, Jeff Schick┬ádiscusses the importance of where we get our inventory, documentation and the requirements Amazon has if we use a prep center.

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Jeff Schick
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