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Episode 857: A coach on our team talks about what comes after Amazon REPLENS

A coach on our team talks about what comes after Amazon REPLENS

We spend a lot of time in our community and our our podcast talking about the Amazon selling model that is used by virtually all of the new Amazon sellers in our community.


That strategy of course is called the “Amazon Replens” system – the system that teaches you how to identify and fill the underserved shelf space at Amazon’s 100’s of warehouses (as taught in the course)


Today’s new podcast episode however is a little different because we talk to a coach on our team who started out as a struggling new seller making many mistakes, and then he began to succeed with the replens system after finding our community.


From there though he successfully moved on to other models such as Bundles and Private Label and even the “agency” model (sometimes called PPP in our community – or “Proven Product Partnering” – and those more advanced models are the heart of the discussion today.


We love bringing you real stories from real students and leaders in our community who are doing great things, and today is another inspirational episode!


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Today’s guest : Trevor Neill with Robin Joy and Brian Olson



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