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Episode 94: Finding hot retail inventory for the fourth quarter

Finding hot retail inventory for the fourth quarter

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Guess what time it is?! Yes it’s Q4! In this super short episode Jim talks about the last three months of the year  – which is when online shoppers go CRAZY and the retail stores begin to feed us as online sellers a never ending wave of profitable inventory!  Online selling warriors need to get ahold of as much valuable, profitable inventory as possible for Q4 – and now is the time to do it!  In this episode, Jim explains the mechanics of the strategy.  These are our popular small sourcing groups that we do each year. Remember, timing is everything. You can spend lots of valuable time researching by digging out this information on your own or you could instead serve the market with speed getting items listed and SOLD instead of wasting time researching!  Just one great tip from our Q4 groups and your membership is paid for! We’ll be posting a steady stream of deals though – you’ll run out of money before you run out of profitable deals! Q4 here we come!

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