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Episode 862: From REPLENS to launching his own product – another ProvenAmazonCourse story

From REPLENS to launching his own product - another ProvenAmazonCourse story

We have an all new podcast episode for you today with an inspirational story full of great startegies!

It’s an interview with a student who is doing well with the REPLENS  model.

It’s a homeschool family who has spent considerable time traveling in their fifth wheel trailer while raising five kids – all while growing their online business. They’ve built a very nice income (their only income) by selling on Amazon helping fill the underserved shelf space at Amazon’s 100s of warehouses (the model we call “replens”).

Our guest Jared is also well on his way towards launching his own brand of unique candle designs and it’s going very well!

As with all the other 100s of stories from PAC students that we’ve shared on our show, Jared’s story has ups and downs and plenty of insights and lessons that will benefit us all!

One big theme towards the end of the episode is about finding a way to fund your dreams and passions. We both agree – building an Amazon biz with the basic models we teach here can be the foundational fuel that allows you to go deeper into new arenas you are passionate about – and that’s exactly what Jared is doing!

Glovendor is mentioned in the episode  – One of our awesome sponsors at ! They provide a team to help your brand with your supply chain logistics and so much more.

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Todays guest Jared Fehr

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