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Episode 848: What our team learned at the greatest annual Amazon and ecommerce seller conference

What our team learned at the greatest annual Amazon and ecommerce seller conference

Recently, the business building warriors of our Amazon/e-commerce community gathered along with many of our entire families in Orlando Florida. Over 700 people attended this event and enjoyed the city along with an incredible three day event that featured dozens of breakout sessions on numerous Amazon/e-commerce related topics. About half of the event was Amazon focused and the other half focused on several unique yet related “multiple income stream” ideas that are among the time-tested and proven strategies used in our community.

On today’s new podcast episode, we assembled a panel of coaches and conference speakers who both attended and contributed to the success of the most recent “Proven Conference” event. While there are only five of us on this call representing the dozens who presented, our conversation today was a fantastic discussion about the benefits of attending our live events and workshops, some great highlights and takeaways from the event as well as some great stories from the experiences we had.

If you were unable to attend the “Proven Conference” event, this is a great episode to listen to in order to get a feel for what it’s like to attend one of our live events or workshops.

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Brian Olson, Trevor Neil, Khang Dang, Joseph Kelsey
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