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Episode 838: Considering launching a brand on Amazon? (or if you have a brand) – you need to hear this

Considering launching a brand on Amazon? (or if you have a brand) - you need to hear this

There’s a little known program that’s been around for nearly 15 years that gives $10K worth of paid ads (PayPerClick) from Google EVERY MONTH.


It’s easier to qualify than you can imagine.


Odds are you DO NOT have a non-profit organization right now, but stick with me – you easily COULD have one in a matter of days, and then you’d have a massive advantage over those who are unaware of this opportunity.


This is legit, legal ethical and above board. You can do this the RIGHT WAY and you’ll love it I promise.


Today’s guest has helped 100s of brand owners navigate the process of securing free ads from Google to help grow brands while supporting great causes – via a non-profit org.


If that sounds complex hearing it the first time, I understand, but this is a win-win-win unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s a creative, simple and elegant solution that should be considered by anyone who WANTS a brand or HAS a brand they are trying to grow online or on Amazon.


They do ALL the work for you!


Today’s podcast guest is from Ad Grants Genie. See the very special offer they have for friends of our community here :

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