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Episode 828: Help! I can’t find profitable inventory – what should I do? Inspiration and instruction for new Amazon sellers.

Help! I can't find profitable inventory - what should I do? Inspiration and instruction for new Amazon sellers.

Over the past 20 years, having coached ecommerce success to nearly 10,000 students, I can tell you with certainty that I know the number one question that anyone who is “stuck” has on their mind…

“What can I sell?”


“Where is the profitable inventory?”


“Where can I start if I want to find good inventory?” etc.

Let’s tackle that head on with one of the dozens of great strategies that we teach in our training -I’m giving you ALL the details and ALL the proof that this flat out works… and it’s just ONE of NUMEROUS strategies that we teach for new sellers!

Instead of selling at a price lower than everyone else, I’ll show you how to sell consistently at a price HIGHER than everyone else – I call it our “above buy box” strategy and it’s working amazingly well!

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