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Episode 797: What are the greatest threats you face as an e-commerce and Amazon business builder?

What are the greatest threats you face as an e-commerce and Amazon business builder?

Not all of our students go on to build beautiful businesses. While we are quite proud of the fact that THOUSANDS of sellers point to our coaching and content as having helped them build something special, and we are also proud to mention that we’ve interviewed hundreds of them on our podcast- the truth is, it doesn’t always work out!

While there are endless reasons why any business can ultimately fail, there’s a common theme we’ve noticed among Amazon and e-commerce warriors who don’t quite make it. I’d venture to guess that just about anyone who has “taken a shot at it” and come up short likely faced one or more of the threats we’ll talk through on today’s episode and failed to overcome it.

It’s good to be informed and avoid these common threats to your success!


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