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Episode 794: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons.

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons.

In today’s weekend episode we have highlights of a prior show.

We covered episode #763 From zero e-commerce experience to a multiple five figure biz in a few months

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This podcast features 53 year old twins Jerry and John, who have worked together for over 30 years! Jerry details how they found Jim Cockrum and what drew them to this community! John shares how they toyed with the idea of joining a “done for you program” but ended up not going that route – thankfully!

Jim reiterates how so many programs (about 98%) are scams and a quick way to lose money. Jim recommends a “litmus test” before joining any program and that starts with finding their community and hanging out with them for a while.

The guests share how they are doing both RA (retail arbitrage) and OA (online arbitrage). Jim talks about the “lightbulb moment” that happens when it clicks for new sellers. Jim mentions Podcast #744

The guests share how when they 1st started. They also discuss how more brands became ungated for them when they reached about $7000 in sales. The guests talk about how they primarily do FBA now that they have proof of concept that this strategy works! Jim and the guests talk about the analogy with sports when it comes to Amazon selling

The guest shares how he was skeptical going into his 1st conference because he is a “connoisseur of good leadership” Jim says that “leaders produce leaders!” and that leadership is a topic that he is very passionate about!

The guest shares, as a new seller, he feels that finding test worthy ASINs is the #1 priority and Jim wholeheartedly agrees! Repricers are discussed as well Jim talks with the guests what to expect as their business grows! He recommends looking into branded bundles . Jim reminds everyone that a rising tide raises all ships!

The guests ask Jim how he recommends increasing their sales to $100-$200k: Jim shares a Dave Ramsey principle about small businesses: The 1st person you hire should be someone who goes out and kills something and brings it back into the cave…”

The guests share their thankfulness for Jim, his community and all the available help. Jim shares how he views his work as a ministry and how he loves what he does! Jim says how he doesn’t want followers but instead success stories coming out of this community!

Jim has a discussion with vetted insurance agent Ashlin Hadden regarding insuring your Amazon business! This segment is packed full of information that all sellers should listen to!

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