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Episode 793: Student doing great selling REPLENS at prices above “buy box”

Student doing great selling REPLENS at prices above "buy box"

Today’s student interview is with a guy who blasted past six figures in total sales pretty fast and you’ll love hearing his inspirational story!

He’s following the REPLENS model and is really doing well with the “above buy box” method as you’ll soon hear.

As a matter of fact he recently sold 20 units in a single day of a product that was priced well above all the other sellers who were fighting over the “buy box” using the strategy that we teach in the PAC. He tells all about this strategies and how’s he’s gone form “clueless newbie” to Amazon selling success story in such a short time.

Also note – he’ll be at the event in Orlando in May with 100s of other members of this community – plan to meet him there!

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Brett Cale
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