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Episode 774: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

In today’s episode, we have highlights of a prior show put together by the podcast team. This episode highlights an awesome opportunity in creating branded bundles and selling them on Amazon. Our guest has been doing it for years and is quite successful in more ways than just monetarily.

We covered episode #709 – Meet a seven figure branded bundle Amazon seller who employs special needs employees. Listen to the full episode at


Jim gives an introduction to the show’s guest, Kim, who is building a beautiful business using the branded bundle strategy! This is not a model for new Amazon students but rather those who are well established with a business. Additionally, she is providing incredible opportunities for people with special needs to work in her business!

The guest details her 20 year history of e-commerce and how her dream of being able to employ people with special needs came to fruition!

The guest talks about her purpose driven business and how the employees are loyal, happy to work, good at repetitive tasks and meticulous, which makes every day a good day!

Jim encourages the guest to write a book based on her incredible experience she has with not only building a business but also creating employment for people with special needs!

The guest shares some tips and pain points she’s experienced with the branded bundle model. She feels her bundles have been successful due to many of them being “universal” in terms of recipients. Also a word of caution – be careful how you list products within the bundles. Be willing to navigate pain points and persist through the challenges! And always remember your WHY!


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