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Episode 770: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business

In today’s episode, we have highlights of a prior show. This episode includes selling on eBay, Amazon coaching with Coaches Larry and Sue Pruett, getting systems in place, hiring a VA through Legends, getting IP complaints and his store deactivated, appealing the suspension and getting reinstated and more. What a journey!

We covered episode #703 – From working in the CIA to building a beautiful Amazon business FT   – Listen to the full episode here!

Today’s highlights:

Ryan’s story – The guest talks about his journey including writing a book called Introduction to Sports Memorabilia by Ryan Walsh, starting a prep center with a friend (called Encore Business Group) and triumphing over some very difficult family situations during this time!

Our is our resource that lists prep centers. Ryan’s prep center website is linked here:

This segment is an encouragement to anyone experiencing difficult life situations! The guest discusses in detail some of the hurdles he overcame including family illness and divorce. Jim shares how in these types of situations, there are two possible outcomes – sink or swim! Jim correlates what the guest shares to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (and Celebrate Recovery) – starting with Step 1 – admitting I’m a mess and ending with Step 12 – helping others get out of what I was in! A favorite saying of Ryan’s is, “Pressure makes diamonds or dust!”

The guest shares how he is running his prep center FT, maintaining a presence on AZ utilizing Replens, trying different models for his business and continuing to study The Proven Amazon Course (PAC). Jim puts in a plug for the Coaching Program, which consists of more than 60 coaches and to date, has coached nearly 10,000 sellers!  Jim and the guest discuss this Proven Product Partnering as a business model (found as a module in PAC) which teaches sellers how to partner with brands to get their products on Amazon.

The guest shares details about his previous career, which was working for the CIA for 7 years. During this time he traveled the world internationally but started to have health issues. These experiences helped him recognize the poverty around the world and the appreciation for all we have. Jim reminds the listeners how blessed we are in the US and what an “overcomer spirit” the guest has.  The guest reminds the listeners that there is light after the darkness and Jim ends by saying that this episode is really going to encourage others!


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