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Episode 760: Are you trying to replace your job or your income? Plus some big announcements!

Are you trying to replace your job or your income? Plus some big announcements!

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“There has to be an easier way!”

  • We hear this a lot from new coaching clients and those in the community who are just starting out
  • Why is it so challenging in the early days? We tend to stick with what we know and this business isn’t anything we know

Job Replacement or Income Replacement?

  • If you’re considering this opportunity or are just getting started consider your motivation
  • As long as your job has a higher priority than your Amazon business you’ll struggle to replace your income
  • The beauty of this business is that the missing out on other things can have a limited time period associated with them until you get scaled and outsourced

Use a 3-step check and a 4-week test to build a 5-figure business

  • This year, the 2 days preceding the Proven Conference we’re hosting a Replens Accelerator Workshop
  • We teach attendees a system for identifying & testing test worthy ASINs that you can add to your replens list. The goal is to build to 100 ASINs on your replens list within 6 months
  • We give you the system to complete that initiative and there are some other real benefits
  • This workshop offers a unique, collaborative learning environment where you can engage in real-time problem-solving, benefit from immediate feedback, learn from the questions and experiences of fellow entrepreneurs

It’s not a replacement for coaching!

  • One-on-one coaching provides you with tailored guidance, adapting to your unique challenges
  • The workshop helps you build skills and a plan for your next 6 months in business
    There is a discount if you commit to both coaching and the workshop
  • If you attend the workshop we can also be your coaches

“Famous” Quote – “You will never get any more out of life than you expect.” – Bruce Lee

Special guest at the conclusion of today’s show, Jeff Schick of answers the question: What’s in store for Amazon’s policy for Branded Bundles in 2024 as taught in the Proven Branded Bundle course?

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