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Episode 757: Another five figure per month REPLENS seller shares his insights

Another five figure per month REPLENS seller shares his insights

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Today’s guest is a US Marine who recently left his public school position to go full-time with Amazon and he’s growing a beautiful multiple five figure business monthly using strategies learned from the training.

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Today’s guest: Rad Monferdini

Additional thoughts: 

The guest emailed us after the episode to request that we mention that:

  1. He regretted that we inadvertently moved away from discussing the layout of his converted trailer (after mentioning that we would do so during the episode). He uses this converted trailer as a mini-warehouse space. Watch the youtube version of this episode to see the nice layout.

  2. He told us that, “I kinda flippantly made a reference to returning a large item if it didn’t sell. I would like folks to understand that I genuinely don’t typically buy things with returning it being my out at the end. This item, however, comes from a store where I have been friends with the assistant manager for over 15v years (long before he was ever working at this store). In fact, he will even let me know when stuff that he knows I’m sourcing is back in stock. I guess my point is that I’d like folks to know that I try and be very respectful of the stores where I make my purchases, because I understand that the potential return of a positive long term relationship with that particular store/location will pay much bigger dividends than the short term gain of dumping items back at stores that I was unable to sell. I just don’t want people to think that I just run out and return everything that doesn’t sell.”

  3. The guest also wanted to clarify that he does understand, endorse and use the “above the buy box” strategy (as taught in the module found inside the ProvenAmazonCourse library) – he thought it may have sounded in the interview like he didn’t quite understand or endorse the “selling above buy box” strategy, but he wanted to point out that he most certainly does.

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