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Episode 740: The top 10 mistakes we see especially new Amazon sellers making right now

The top 10 mistakes we see especially new Amazon sellers making right now

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Following a PROVEN path to Amazon selling results is important, but of equal importance is AVOIDING the most common pitfalls that many sellers predictably fall into sadly. These mistakes slows their progress and makes the business journey far more difficult than it needs to be.

On this episode I discuss the TOP TEN most common pitfalls we are seeing among sellers lately – and how to easily avoid them on your way to building a beautiful business.

A few of the mistakes we’ve been seeing:

Sourcing from unapproved places

Looking for “Profitable products” instead of test-worthy ASINs

Paying too much to learn a bad strategy

Jumping from one idea to the next without purpose

Attempting to guess your way to the top without help

…and more

If you’d like to get on the RIGHT path and avoid these pitfalls, we suggest the or coaching from our team!

We are incredible success stories in our community and we’d love to have you on board as our next success story!

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