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Episode 739: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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Highlights from this episode include discussing the small and light program, (for sellers who don’t want to handle all their returned items) and selling seasonal items. The guest also discusses how he took an IP complaint and turned it into an opportunity to develop a relationship with the brand!

We covered episode #667 – New PAC student Just a few months in and crushing it – Kevin Alazmo.

Highlight topics:

“So how’d you get started?” The guest shares details regarding his first Yankee candle sales by FBM (Fulfilled by merchant). (Jim cautions sellers to avoid sourcing from close outs or liquidations as it’s a bit of a risky approach).

“From candles, what happened next?” The guest talks about how he is selling primarily topical clearance items but how they have morphed into replens and bundles! Jim also reminds listeners that if they do utilize leads lists, they should be utilized as a research tool and starting point to rabbit trail off of! (rather than just buying the exact products on the list!) Jim’s recommendations are to get off the beaten path, build relationships, take advantage of local resources and get your own list of ASINs! And remember that every good Replen ASIN is going to have a shelf life – which may be a few weeks or months but will eventually die off (temporarily or even permanently).

The guest quotes Inky Johnson, “Learn from the mistakes of others because you can’t make them all yourself!” Jim shares that this is essentially his definition of wisdom!

“One more tip I wanted to share…” The guest gives a golden tip of how to route out your store stops using GPS and adding stops to be able to hit every place you need to go! Jim then discusses how to go about growing your business and that really starts with teaching someone else how to source and find Replens (before hiring someone to help prep).

The guest highly recommends the coaching program, utilizing the My Silent Team Facebook page and the Proven Amazon Course. Jim and the guest also reiterate the incredible opportunity there is for new sellers to build and grow an incredible online business! Amazon is not too saturated with sellers as sometimes is heard!

Jim mentions how incredibly important it is to prioritize a mental and physical break from the daily grind and take a day off per week.  He also emphasizes how pace and sustainable habits are more important than the hustle and grind!

Jim answers the question, “At what point do you go from a full time job to full time Amazon?” 

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