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Episode 732: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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Today’s guest is a huge encouragement to those who love a great story in perseverance and also, has very practical help. This segment is all things Keepa – our recommended seller tool! Podcast episode #369 to learn more about Keepa!

We covered episode #663 – Single mom making a big comeback thanks to her hard work on Amazon – Cynthia Potts 
Highlights compiled by the podcast team:
Our community is full of real people facing real challenges and in this case, a widowed mom is working to build her Amazon business. This segment will be a great encouragement to others! 
Jim shares an analogy of The Beatitudes and how there is a progression through them (and he relates this to addiction as well)! The final step is “steppin’ up to help others” in a leadership role and this is exactly what this podcast guest is doing with her journey! 
The guest shares her journey that led her to finding Jim and the Silent Sales Machine! The guest details how she jumped into the MST Facebook group and joined The Proven Amazon Course (PAC), both of which contain an incredible wealth of information! Jim outlines how the PAC is really a library of courses for Amazon sellers to learn anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to about selling on Amazon! 
Jim reminds the listeners how important it is to remember and celebrate the successes along the journey! The guest shares the progression of growing her Amazon business – hustle mode, strategies/systems and teamwork and how she’s reached $50k in sales in the 1st 4 months! The guest discusses several tips she has learned from bigger sellers/leaders in our community including Oscar Mutombo and Leigha Modlin! 

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