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Episode 731: While recovering 18 months from back surgery, she built incredible Amazon income streams!

While recovering 18 months from back surgery, she built incredible Amazon income streams!

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Today’s guest is the latest success story that is sure to inspire and encourage you!

Not only did covid wipe out her old business, an accident and resulting surgeries put her on the couch for 18 months! During this time her WARRIOR spirit kicked in however and you’ll be amazed by what she’s built!

She’s used a handful of the strategies that we teach in our community to piece together an incredible business that requires about 8-10 hours of work weekly to maintain – and she built most of it while recovering from back surgery – and without any loans or outside funds with a low starting budget (test small / win big)!

Prepare to be inspired – with loads of actionable strategies!! This is one person you’ll REALLY want to look for at the upcoming event in Orlando in May 2024!

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Today’s guest: Sue – last name withheld upon re

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