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Episode 727: Profit Seeker Pro really speeds up your ability to find OA winners for Amazon

Profit Seeker Pro really speeds up your ability to find OA winners for Amazon

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We have created a simple to use software tool that is going to change the way Amazon sellers source great inventory online. It’s called and you are the first to hear about it.

Many of the first 30 or so “insider” students we showed it to were getting results with it DURING THE LIVE DEMO!

On today’s podcast episode I talk to my partner on the project – Joseph Kelsey. He’s a success story from the course, a coach on our team and the lead project manager for the ProfitSeekerPro tool that is about to change the lives of numerous online arbitrage sellers.

The only prerequisite for putting this incredible new tool to work is to understand the REPLENS system for selling on Amazon as taught in the If you’ve been waiting to jump in, NOW is the time to do it!

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The first time the Kelsey family was on our podcast: Listen to episode 494 with Joseph and Stacey Kelsey and hear Stacey’s story of how she came home from full-time police work!

Guest: Joseph Kelsey

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