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Episode 707: Hanging out with Amazon Execs & details of our upcoming virtual conference for Amazon sellers!

Hanging out with Amazon Execs & details of our upcoming virtual conference for Amazon sellers!

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Amazon recently hosted 2,500+ sellers at their Seattle headquarters and we were honored to be invited to attend at no charge as “media”. I think they wanted us there because of the popularity/influence of our podcast, but regardless – it was a huge honor to attend at no charge!

On this episode Nathan Bailey (my 20 year coaching director) and I discussed the event, what we learned and make some observations about what we think the future holds for Amazon sellers.

We also discuss a bit of what’s in store for those who attend our upcoming VIRTUAL conference designed to help you take full advantage of the opportunities that come with the fourth quarter – the busiest shopping season of the year online! Did I mention is FREE for all and coaching students! Get details at

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