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Episode 700: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible.

We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode

Questions and comments:

Jim shares how we are a community working together and not competitors working against each other! The primary reason behind Jim’s teaching is because only 16-18% of all retail economic activity is online so there is a lot of opportunity for everyone! He also reminds the listeners how important relationships are in building your business!

New sellers should watch this video to learn what the replens model is: A “replen” is an underserved listing on Amazon

Jim explains how often times another seller will provide the safety certificate that is needed for the listing (only 1 seller has to provide it). So an approach can be to just sit on your inventory for a little while and wait for someone else to provide it (if you aren’t able to locate it yourself)

Jim reminds the listeners that we are looking for underserved ASINs, not winning products! Jim encourages newer sellers to listen to Podcast #554 – Ignore the Amazon “buy box” more if you want to sell more Amazon Replens. Remember the “rule of 3” – if you buy it for $8, then you’ll want to sell it for $24. Also, it’s highly recommended that new sellers join the KickStart Boot Camp (must be a Proven Amazon Course student)

How are results and feedback…” is a program that scapes retail websites which helps sellers find potential replens. It’s proving to be a very effective way to source but certainly not the only way

Jim discusses what IP concerns are and explains how to look at the Keepa graph to determine if this might be a concern – look for the “skateboard ramp of death.” Jeff Schick is an attorney that is vetted with Jim’s program and is highly recommended for any legal assistance needed

Jim discusses Amazon to Amazon flips and how to go about doing that properly – do not use prime discount for ordering

Jim explains in more detail what the inch deep, mile wide approach is

The guest mentions Coach Susan Gilbert’s “micro goals to macro visions” and talks about how slow and steady is the way to  build your business! Jim also discusses pricing and how it can be challenging for new replen sellers

Jim discusses how to manage tax exemptions as a small business. He also explains using a tax exempt certificate

Jim explains the difference between scanning barcodes (Easter egg hunt model) vs searching for underserved ASINs on Amazon

Nathan mentions “spokes in the marketing world” and how much opportunity there is for selling online! Nate mentions Jim’s candlelight vs cake analogy

Jim answers the guest’s question regarding how to get the most value out of the coaching program! Jim again recommends newer sellers listen to podcast episode #554 – “Ignore the Amazon buy box more if you want to sell more Amazon replens!” The head of the coaching team, Nathan Bailey, also adds to the discussion on the coaching program! Jim summarizes by saying, “Stay encouraged with the team (other sellers), go faster with a coach!”              

Jim answers the guest’s question about how to best balance time! Nathan suggests using a business journal to help manage time in order to be successful and mentions the 4 D’s in business – 1) Do It, 2) Delegate it, 3) Drop it, 4) Delay it

Show note LINKS: – text the word “free” to 507-800-0090 to get a free copy of Jim’s latest book in audio about building multiple income streams online! – Get a free session with a business consultant on our team at 1-800-994-1792 / 1-801-693-1688 or TEXT US at 385-284-7701 (US & Canada only for Text)  ALL of our coaches are running very successful businesses of their own based on the models we teach here!

My Silent Team Facebook group. 100% FREE! Join 70,000 + Facebook members from around the world who are using the internet creatively every day to launch and grow multiple income streams through our exciting PROVEN strategies! There’s no support community like this one anywhere else in the world!

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