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Episode 674: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

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Once per week or so I love to go live on Zoom in the Facebook group with whoever can join me and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible. Recently, we recorded one of these sessions for you. The questions we discussed this time clarify what is the “replens model”, my background story in doing this over twenty years, how to get around gated categories as a new seller, the difference between a brand and a category and how to better understand profit margins.  This episode has great tips and resources for all skill levels of sellers – enjoy!

If you’d like to join us for a live zoom session, the next one is Monday July 24th at 5PM ET (New York time) and you are invited to join us using this zoom link:

Questions and Answers: 

”The guest shares with Jim that she feels overwhelmed and needs some encouragement and some sort of certainty that this Amazon business is going to work for her! Jim’s answer is 100% with certainty and then suggests looking into the 620 podcast episodes and 1700 pinned Facebook posts of selling success. He then explains the big industry statistics – 16% of retail activity is online (Amazon is about ½ of those transactions). The other 84% is offline!! The trajectory of potential selling growth due to online spending is incredible! 

In this segment, Jim discusses the upcoming Virtual AI Conference and the course 

Jim discusses different ways new sellers start – some with just the free FB page, free podcasts and the PAC (about $39/mo). Some with coaching, which does cost more and is an option but certainly not necessary! Jim also recommends new sellers watch:, which explains what replens are 

Jim says how important relationships are in business and how it really is the key to being successful!! 

“Can you explain what qualifies as an underserved ASIN?” In this segment, Jim explains, in detail, that the goal is not to find profitable products but rather underserved ASINs. Podcast episode #554 goes along with this and is a really good listen for new sellers 

Jim explains the path to follow when getting started with Amazon selling: PAC – Module – Getting Started and Module – Amazon 101, then replenishable training, then advanced Keepa training (multiple creative ways to use Keepa), listen to Podcast #369 – Keepa training to REALLY understand it 

Jim discusses the My Silent Team Coaching Program and explains how the sales process is not pressured and the only way success is measured is by success stories 

“If you’ve got this, is it a profitable winner mindset…?” Jim further explains the replen model using marshmallows as an example – reminding sellers NOT to look for winning products but rather winning ASINs. 

The guest asks Jim about selling on Amazon from a country outside the US and not having a US based credit card. Jim mentions the PAC Module – that is available for international sellers. He also talks about the process for how to do this as well as shipping to a prep center 

“What is the minimum ROI we use for sourcing…” Jim discusses ROI – suggests a minimum for new sellers of 40% and a net margin of 25%. Also mentions the tool Rev Seller to help determine these numbers. Jim also suggests branded bundles as a good direction to go once new sellers learn the basics 

Jim – “So Sarah is asking if the new bot program will require TA…” Jim talks about the new bot sourcing program and how it will NOT require Tactical Arbitrage (TA) 

Jim discusses mastermind groups and how to go about finding others who live in the same area who have similar interests and goals 

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