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Episode 67: The winners of our podcast launch contest announced and interviewed!

The winners of our podcast launch contest announced and interviewed!

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When Silent Sales Machine Radio first launched we had a contest to see who could refer us the most listeners. As it turned out, Stephen Smotherman, Jordan Malik and Karon Thackston were our top three performers and better yet, each of them are Amazon and online selling experts with some golden tips! In this episode we do a brief interview with each of them and pass the best of their best tips on to you along with some resources from each of them. Enjoy this packed episode guaranteed to entertain and educate! We are so appreciative of the huge support we receive for this show and these three partners lead the charge in helping us launch!

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Resources mentioned:
How to be an affiliate of Jim Cockrum also known as PAC – our 2017 CES event

Stephen Smotherman Interview free email marketing course included with purchase Stephen’s blog please use coupon code – silentjim
Camel Camel Camel

Jordan Malik Interview

Karon Thackston Interview
Karon’s book Review Advantage
Karon’s blog

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