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Episode 66: Let’s partner up – we are growing & looking for partners!

Let's partner up - we are growing & looking for partners!

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Business is booming – and it’s all thanks to creative partnerships. Our team is now well over 150 people, and we are finding incredible creative ways to make money together serving our delighted customers with numerous strategies! On top of all that 100’s of incredible affiliates are promoting our products and services around the world and getting paid well to do so!  This is a great time to be in the business we are in, and we are looking for even more growth!  This episode goes in depth into the opportunities for you to be a coach, or get coaching, create a course with us, or sell your products with us, become a moderator or write a book with our self publishing team.  You’ll also get a peek into my “big picture” biz model that I use every day to grow my multiple income streams.  Even if you are brand new to all of this, you’ll enjoy seeing what it looks like to pursue multiple streams of online income for a living – while enjoying flexibility and purpose every step of the way!  

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