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Episode 666: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In this segment, you’ll hear a bunch of great highlights, but a few nuggets tell you about a free course in PAC that teaches nine strategies in how to use Keepa, what should be outsourced in your business and how IP complaints can be dealt with easily.

We covered episode #599 Better Returns Than Real Estate with Amazon Replens? A Great PAC story – 

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Jeff Schick of – our team attorney helping sellers with IP and account issues

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The guests discuss the beginning of their Amazon business and finding Jim’s Silent Sales Machine FB page, podcast and Proven Amazon Course (PAC)!  Jim explains why the replens model is preferable to the “Easter egg hunting” approach in terms of growing and automating a business!

Jim talks about outside sourcing that is available for financing an Amazon business. He also compares and contrasts an outside business, such as real estate that the guests currently do, with an Amazon business.

Jim recounts Episode #550 of a chiropractor who invested $200 into starting his Amazon business and kept reinvesting the money back into the business. Within a short amount of time, he had paid off tens of thousands of dollars of student debt. Jim really encourages the guests that once they learn the business themselves. then they can outsource parts of it to others to free up more time for themselves

Jim mentions a couple of trainings within PAC – and, which are both helpful resources for sellers who have established themselves on Amazon. Jim also encourages the guests to keep finding new Replens, which are underserved ASINs. He also mentions a new course that teaches 9 different methods for using Keepa – can be found at – for advanced Keepa training.

Jim talks about having an abundance mindset as opposed to a poverty mindset The guest asks Jim about IP complaints and Jim reassures the guest that these issues are able to be worked through and are not reason to lose sleep! Jim reminds the listener that Amazon loves resellers as well as the Replen model!!

 Jim reminds sellers that hiring Attorney Jeff Schick on retainer is an option to have help with any account issues

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