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Episode 657: An update from a student we interviewed three years ago

An update from a student we interviewed three years ago

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We love to revisit past guests who started their Amazon selling journey months or years ago and have continued to climb to new heights! Today we visit a guest who was last with us three years ago – right in the middle of covid panic! It was episode 345 when we last hear from Spencer and he as a nurse working frantically to leave his “career” behind and gain the flexibility of an Amazon based income.

He’s yet another incredible success story from the family!

When we last interviewed him, he had just made the leap to full-time on Amazon with the REPLENS Amazon model, but get this – his business is now more than 6X bigger than it was.

He’s learned a lot of lessons along the way and he’s also joined us as a coach on our team and he’s presenting at one of the over 40 breakout sessions at the event July 6-8th in Columbus Ohio

You’ll love catching up with this student who continues to climb while learning and teaching invaluable lessons as he goes!

Bonus content! At the end of today’s episode we spend the final few minutes chatting about solving some of the common issues sellers face when expanding into other countries. We talk with Payoneer about making payments in multiple currencies (i.e. paying your VAs) as well as their working capital offers for ecommerce sellers like us.

Payoneer helps sellers scale their businesses worldwide with multi-currency accounts, working capital, tax and VAT solutions and more. Pay your international suppliers in over 190 countries with ACH or credit card by visiting Or, skip the credit checks and learn more about bringing your eCommerce vision to life by visiting Our podcast listeners get a special 10% fee rebate on their first offer!” The NY Amazon seller event mentioned by Brandon (for high end sellers)

Today’s guests for the Payoneer segment: Brandon Monaghan and Eduardo Fernandes (Director of Marketing at Payoneer)

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Today’s Guest: Spencer Carlson

Spencer last appeared on episode 345

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