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Episode 656: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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Today’s episode has highlights of a prior show. In this segment, you’ll hear how simple journaling can make a seller a good business owner, a great description of the replens model and a super tip to keep your Amazon account in good standing, plus more.

We covered episode #597 – Young Family Excited about Results They are Seeing with Amazon


  • The guests give a warning to new sellers to be sure to use your Amazon account once it is set up, otherwise Amazon will deactivate it
  • Jim talks about using FBM (fulfilled by merchant) while waiting for FBA inventory to get checked in
  • The guest discusses several businesses she tried prior to finding the Amazon Replens model. Jim quotes Jim Rohn – “You can focus on the loss or you can focus on the lesson.”
  • Jim talks about the beauty of the Amazon Replens model and how this is a leadership journey! The guests talk about the freedom they are finding in building their business!
  • Jim says that it is a documented fact that people will make more money if they journal during their business building journey and how important it is to remember the journey!! 
  • The guests discuss the Advanced Keepa training, storefront stalking, OA Simplified, using a VA and a Prep Center. Jim also discusses “Proof of Concept!” Jim also explains a new training called Advanced Keep Training Part 2 which includes 9 new strategies!
  •  Jim asks the guests to discuss their criteria for finding underserved ASINS as well as pricing above the buy box!!

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