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Episode 644: Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

Our weekly highlights and recap of powerful business lessons

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In today’s episode, we have highlights of a prior show. This episode is ideal for newer sellers who are struggling to make the Replens Model “click.”

We covered episode #585 – New Keepa Sourcing Strategies are here for Replens Sellers or the original YouTube video here:

Today’s highlights:

  • Jim and the guests discuss the “Childbirth pains” of growing your Amazon business. They also discuss “before click” (BC) and “after click” (AC) in terms of the Replens sourcing and it all starting to “click!”
  • Jim talks about how Creativity, Leadership and Relationships are the most important areas of your business that you cannot hand to anyone else! The goal is to work “on” your business and not “in” your business!
  • The guest, Robin, discusses what the Kick Start program entails (within PAC). It’s designed to help new sellers learn the very basics of starting to sell on Amazon. Jim also discusses the importance of team work and everyone working together to help each other grow and succeed!
  • Jim talks about Jeff Bezos and how he wrote about the time and money saved by shopping on Amazon – essentially trading dollars for time!
  • Jim and the guests discuss the new proven Amazon course called The Advanced Keepa Training. The guests also share that new sellers can sell in the following categories: arts and crafts, office supplies, home and kitchen, pet supplies (not food)
  • The guest, Brian, explains how it’s possible to use Keepa creatively with different filters to narrow down searches to find underserved ASIN’s (listings). Jim uses the brand Nike as an example

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