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Episode 61: My ten year old business partner

My ten year old business partner

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On today’s show Jim’s daughter Aven joined him in his office and they recorded a VIDEO as they made this episode. You can get a link to watch the full video in the show notes (listed near this description, or at The video was recorded live in the free Facebook group that accompanies this show. Several business lessons are mixed in with object lessons as Jim and Aven discuss some of the items in “dad’s office” with the live viewing audience. You’ll see Jim’s new private label project, some of the big client products that Jim has worked on, and hear them interact with the live comments left by the facebook community that joined them.

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Watch the video uncut the way it happened: Facebook post – Death Wish Coffee story – our self publishing service books listed on the show: the Bible, then Lapin’s “Biz Secrets from the Bible”, Aaron Walkers “View from the Top”, Ramsby’s “A fight to Forgive”, and Nancy Alexander‘s “My Journey through Fibromyalgia”

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